Advanced SEO Services

Advanced SEO is ever evolving as new techniques are being employed to make SEO more effective. An advanced SEO company needs to be aware of these latest trends to be able to provide better advance SEO services. Changes introduced by Search Engine companies, change in the algorithms, usage of more advanced SEO techniques, etc. necessitate an advanced SEO agency to be in lookout for these emerging trends.

While there are many changes and new advanced SEO trends that are prevalent, here is a look at few of the big things that you need to watch out for effective advanced SEO services. 


  • Shift in focus towards customer analytics & retention


One of the key focus of advanced SEO has always been to drive in more traffic. The different strategies developed as part of advanced SEO services are towards achieving the key result of – increasing traffic to the website or the business. However, the latest trends mark a change in this perspective. The key strategy now is not only to increase the traffic but also focus on customer retention. Hence there is a shift from keyword centric approach to analysing customer behaviour as part of advanced SEO services. Using various analytical tools, an advanced SEO company can look at optimising the business site to attract repeat customers. .


  • User + Search intent being the core of strategy


Another key trend which would provide an advantage in SEO is shifting the core idea from “what people are searching?” to “why people are searching?” SEO experts opine that when we understand why people are searching for something, the content can be developed to provide answers for their search. Thereby driving more traffic. This requires transitioning away from the algorithm based traditional approach employed as part of advanced SEO services. Having a closer attention to the search results will give advanced SEO experts an edge in creating competitive content that the customers are more likely to consume.


  • Core Web Vitals as an important ranking factor


Google introduced Core web Vitals as a ranking factor in 2021, making page experience an important aspect to be included in the advanced SEO strategy. Any advanced SEO company needs to develop the skills to understand this new trend in 2021 so as not to fall behind the competition. The focus of the optimization could include – page speed, rendering, image optimization, mobile friendliness, security protocols, etc. Simply put, the core strategy needs to be around how the user feels. Including page experience into the SEO workflow will not only help in increased rate of conversions but also would future-proof the website for upcoming algorithm updates.


  • Mobile SEO is the way forward


A major portion of the search is currently being carried out through mobiles. Hence it is prudent that advanced SEO strategy needs to be developed keeping the user experience on the mobile in context. Understanding the type of experience that the users have in accessing the content on the mobile devices and trying to find answers to that, ought be the driver for an advanced SEO agency. Simplicity & personalization of the content could be the two key components of an advanced SEO strategy. Google is no more ranking mobile & desktop websites separately. Hence, it is imperative to migrate both onto one platform and develop a site that is more responsive on mobile devise.

There are many other strategies which are hailed as the key movers in advanced SEO. However, one can say that the shift to experience-oriented SEO would be the way forward.