Using Google Penalty Removal Services to Recover Search Traffic

SEO services entail many activities that improve the chances of your website to rank higher in the SERPs.

However, sometimes people violate Google guidelines and often use wrong practices to get increased traffic. This is something which Google refrains you from doing and often raises a penalty if your site uses these Black Hat SEO techniques. A penalty often leads to either your website being no longer listed in SERPs or sudden decrease in rankings and traffic.

Such penalties would definitely damage your online reputation as well. The important step towards redeeming this situation is to act quickly and prudently. This is where SEO Genics, a Google Penalty Removal Company offers its expertise and help you recover from any of the penalties and get you out of danger.

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Recover Your SERP Rankings and Traffic

Removing Google Penalties does require quick action. However, backed up by our experience, we also understand that any such attempt needs to be a careful and well-drawn out strategy to avoid further complications.

Hence our Google Penalty Recover services adopt a comprehensive approach to fix the situation. We have a review of your SEO from every possible angle to ascertain the source of the problem that allowed the imposition of Google Penalty. 

For this, we use a variety of specialized tools to delve deep and investigate where your website is acting contrary to the guidelines.

Our holistic auditing of SEO includes checking for website Backlink profile, issues with citations, duplicate content issues, removing spam links, etc. We have a well-developed approach to this audit with various criteria built into it to effectively diagnose the problem. 

Once we identify the exact problem that has resulted in receiving the penalty, our Google Penalty Removal Company develop a customized strategy to ensure that the penalty is lifted quickly.

Google Penalty Removal Services for Effective Reputation Management

Reputation is the key to an effective online presence. Google Penalties severely affect this and would lead to lower SEO ranking and dwindling website traffic. This, in turn, would affect the potential revenue generation and impact the bottom line.

Hence Reputation Management forms a key driver of our Google Penalty Removal services.  We focus on developing quick and real solutions that prevent any further hits to the online reputation and deliver a quicker turnaround.

We as a Google Penalty Removal Company uses effective  White Hat SEO techniques that organically build your website to help restore credibility, especially in Google’s eyes.

Simultaneously we take up mitigation efforts like Backlink Audit, which helps remove bad backlinks, spam links, etc.

Being an effective digital marketing company, we develop strategies that can re-boost the reputation of your site in driving back Organic Traffic.

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Our Google Penalty Removal Process

Diagnosing the Type of Penalty

The first step of how to recover a Google penalty is to ascertain the type of penalty. The penalty can be a manual penalty or an algorithmic one. The course of action to fix the problem differs, and hence it is of paramount importance for the identification process to be spot on.
A manual penalty is easier to identify as Google sends a mail through the WebMaster tool along with the specification. An algorithm penalty is caused mainly due to the change in the Google algorithm and is harder to identify.

Improving Backlink Profile

SEO Genics conducts a comprehensive audit of your website backlink profile to identify any bad or spam backlinks. We proceed with bad & Spam Backlink Removal through our proactive approach, which could be one of the critical reasons for Google to impose the penalty.

Our backlink audit ensures that you have a clean Backlink profile that Google can trust and revive your position for better SEO rankings.

Google Penalty Recovery

Identifying the exact source of the problem is the key, also equally important is the solution provided. Our Digital Marketing Agency has experts who specialize in developing Google Penalty recovery strategy and ensure the same is implemented. We provide not only an accurate solution to survive from the penalty but also have a quick turnaround in revving the situation so that your website can be back on track and start generating traffic as earlier.

Get All Your Google Penalties Removed With SEO Genics

SEO Genics is a reputed SEO Agency that offers end-end SEO solutions. This provides us with the scope of leveraging resources to provide a quicker and holistic solution.

With Google Penalty, time becomes a key factor in mitigating the damage and recovering quickly. This requires concerted efforts by experts who can balance the need to provide a quicker solution and ensure that the solution is effective.

Our expertise helps to quickly locate the source for the falling traffic and work on fixing those issues. Our White Hat SEO techniques would help create a website that is more in line with the guidelines and avoid future penalties.

This two-way approach to quickly eliminating the problem and prepping up the website to be compliant helps control the damage and place your website on a trajectory of better SEO ranking.

Google Penalty Removal FAQs

SEO Genics is a leading advanced SEO company with multiple years of experience and built-up expertise in handling various components of SEO. 

Google penalty removal services require the precision of thought and action to execute them effectively on time. This comes with experience in dealing with multiple situations.

  1. Our Google Penalty Removal Company has world-class experts who have the ability to analyze your website and conduct a cohesive backlink audit to figure out the best way to handle Google penalties.
  2. Our experts have hands-on experience in dealing with different penalties and initiate various penalty recovery processes as suitable. These include– Manual Penalty recovery, Algorithm penalty recovery, Panda Recovery, Penguin recovery, etc.
  3. We develop precise methods that are tailored for your specific website. This involves a deep dive into analyzing your content, the link profile, website traffic trends, etc. to identify and fix the actual cause.
  4. Complete solutions that include – identification and removal of bad links, review of Google updates and making the necessary changes, proactively check for any violation of Google guidelines, duplicate content, spam links, etc. and take up required maintenance.
  5. We leverage on our SEO services to build up an online reputation.
  6. Quicker and organized solutions as we have in-house resources to provide all the required Google penalty removal services and related SEO services.

Google penalty is imposed by Google Search Engine when it notices that a website is following in-organic ways of generating more traffic or is in violation of the laid out guidelines. Most of the penalties are the result of Black Hat SEO services opted by SEO service providers to boost the website’s visibility in search engines.

The search engine algorithms identify such activities and impose a penalty with the premise that these activities are being engaged because the website is of lower quality than the position of the rankings. These are instances of a manual penalty. Furthermore, in a few cases, the website might become non-compliant with the new guidelines, thereby resulting in a fall in traffic.

The penalty results in a demotion of the ranking, which could have a severe impact on the website traffic.

Google Penalties are broadly categorized into two kinds:

  1. Manual penalty
  2. Algorithmic penalty

Manual Penalties are imposed manually by the team of Google. These penalties are given when it is noticed that your website is non-compliant with Google’s Terms of Service. These could include – buying links, cloaking, redirects, etc.

Once you fix the reason for the penalty, you must make a manual appeal to Google to re-index your website so that it appears in the search engine results.

The algorithmic penalty occurs automatically. These are a result of an algorithm change in Google search engine ranking. These penalties like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc. impact lower-quality websites with content stuffed with keywords, lesser incoming links, duplicate content, etc.

An unexpected fall in your website traffic is one of the first red flags to check if you received a Google penalty.There are multiple methods to check if you have received a Google Penalty:
  1. Google Search Console: One of the easiest ways to check for penalties is that you are required to sign in to your Google Search Console account and click on “Search Traffic.” Now chose “Manual actions” from the sidebar. Here it would either show “No Issues Detected,” indicating that you did not receive a penalty or it would display the type of penalty applied to your website along with the instructions.
  2. Google Analytics: Review of your Google Analytics would display the web traffic. You can cross verify the date from which the traffic fell with any of the Panda or Penguin updates by Google. This correlation can confirm if your site is affected by a penalty, in this case, algorithmic penalty.
  3. Search: You can also do a search of your website or brand on Google to check where you rank. A lower rank than earlier could be a hint that you received a penalty.

The first step towards recovering from Google Penalties is to identify the type of penalty, i.e., manual, or algorithm.

Manual Penalty:


Most of the manual penalties are link-based, and therefore you have a larger control on the situation.


  1. Check if you are penalized for any un-natural inbound or outbound linking practices, i.e., spam links that point to your website.

Remove these links to address the issue.

  1. Suppose you have knowingly involved in link trading, link buying, etc. These could be one of the reasons for receiving the penalty, as Google could have considered them unnatural.
  2. If you are still unsure of the links, you can check for anchor texts of inbound links. There are tools available that can help to identify low-quality links. You can either disavow those links or reach out to those webmasters for link removal.

Reconsideration only has a 5 % success rate, but nevertheless, it is helpful to clean up the website after receiving the penalty.


Algorithmic Penalty 

Algorithmic penalties can be varied, and the approach to be followed is to fix and wait for an improvement in the situation.

This is because Google runs a date refresh once every few months, and the scope for change is only after one such refresh is done post the changes.

In order not to miss any approaching Google refresh cutoff, it is better to fix the problem as soon as possible and wait for it to happen.

If you are penalized under Panda, the better approach is to do a complete site audit and prep up your content.

In the case of Penguin, the process is similar to that of manual recovery. The exception is that there is no scope for file reconsideration. Action on the links that are causing the trouble, and disavow them.

You can work on fixing issues related to mobile-friendliness by constantly tweaking the website until you get a good score on the Google tools.

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Why choose SEO Genics for Google Penalty Removal Services?

Google penalty removal requires diligence as it directly impacts the website’s performance and affects the business & revenue.

Any misstep could further complicate the situation. It also requires quick action to mitigate the impact. Effective handling of this can only be provided by experts who have handled these situations earlier and understand to identify and address the problem.

We as a leading Google Penalty Removal Company offers effective Google Penalty Removal services that provide the right solution for you.

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A sensitive issue, like receiving the Google penalty, requires a comprehensive approach involving identification, planning, and implementation. A trusted SEO agency can take charge of the overall process and deliver quicker results.

If you are searching for such an expert who can provide Google Penalty Removal services, SEO Genics is the right answer. You can reach out to us on +1 (612) 517-3955 or fill in our online form.

We understand the impact of a Google Penalty and work hand-in-hand with you to help you get out of this situation and enable your website to gain a higher rank and receive organic traffic. Visit or contact our Google Penalty Removal Company today!

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