Google Penalty Removal

Do you feel that over the time you have lost your organic growth? The pace with which your website was earlier attracting traffic is now gone? This kind of situation can be very distressing. It takes an enormous amount of effort and hard work to build an audience for your website and earn revenues. Lesser audience implies lesser revenues, which can be dreadful for your website’s existence. It is essential to pinpoint a reason for the decreased visibility of your content in your reader’s search result. It can be an organic decrease which happens due to throat-cutting competition that presently exists everywhere. The success of one leads to the failure of others because for someone to go up some other has to come down. After all, not everyone can bag the first position. So keep a check on your competitors and keep working continuously towards improving yourself.

What is Google Penalty ?

To understand what a penalty is, let us take a tour to your childhood memories. Remember being in a class full of hundred students where the best ones always got to sit closer to your teacher. That teacher is here your audience, and the website with the best search engine optimization is those excellent students.

Do you remember what happened to the students who created a ruckus in the class? They were often asked to leave the classroom so that they cannot be seen and hence, all the deception can be avoided.

Some of the students were even rusticated if the mistakes they made were of grave quantum. Similarly if our website is using techniques that do not abide by the algorithm then Google keeps these websites away from the web. Google penalty is inflicted upon your website when it feels that you are that naughty child. You can come into Google’s bad books due to the use of black-hat SEO techniques that try to increase your traffic by unethical means of adding manipulative backlinks or spamming with meaningless keywords. Google imposes such penalties because it does not want the users to see such trivial and unworthy content. Fair enough, right? The Google penalties can be imposed either manually by a Google employee or indirectly by a change in algorithm. Google penalty of both these sorts is triggered by spyware, hidden links, thin content with little or no added value, keyword stuffing, using only duplicate content, deceptive or sneaky redirects, user-generated spam and many other activities that make Google feel that you are trying to manipulate its search results.

Types of Google link penalties to avoid

These are strategies that you should be avoiding at all costs if you don’t want to get penalized-

  • Link Spam- These includes ugly URLs or overly optimized hyperlinks dropped in comment sections of random and irrelevant blogs and forums.
  • Some paid links Google will come down hard on you if you are caught buying and selling links in a way that passes on ranking strength.
  • Private blog networks these are part of a very high risk, grey hat link building strategy that should be avoided at all costs.
  • Link from low quality sites- this is a pretty obvious one. It goes against the whole idea of organic link building.
  • Excessive reciprocal linking- don’t contact websites asking to exchange links because it is not an organic link building strategy.

Recovering from Google penalty

Once the penalty is imposed, recovering from it is not going to be a cakewalk. It won’t be impossible too. It is going to take time, and you will have to start from the bottom of the ladder or middle of it depending on whether the penalty is imposed on a portion of your site or is it affecting the entire website.  SEO Genics is an ideal local SEO Company you are looking for. We provide you with support so that your website climbs back to the top of the ladder and gains back it’s an organic crowd. There is a slightly different process that our  local SEO is supposed to take in order to deal with manually imposed penalties and penalties that have been inflicted with manual intervention by Google, that is; algorithmic penalty.

Finding the error


In case that the penalty that has been imposed is manual, you will receive a notification mail informing you about the penalty and the offense that concerns such penalty. Manual penalties are generally for a particular period of time during which the traffic to your website is stopped. The duration of this penalty depends on the gravity of the offense committed. But whatever be the term, Google penalty is like a death sentence. It will ultimately kill your website by taking away your audiences and stopping your revenues.


The algorithmic penalties happen because of the filters such as Google panda update, Google hummingbird update, or Google penguin update. With this kind of penalty, it is challenging to detect why is your visibility decreasing. This penalty doesn’t completely delete your website from the related search results but places it far below in the list. After an algorithmic penalty is imposed, search engine result pages don’t show your website in the places it was earlier visible.

An overview of what SEO Genics will do

We provide the best Google penalty removal services for your business. Our company handles the cleaning of the unrequited links and backlinks that have caused the penalty in the first place. Our company provides local SEO Packages. These packages take care of your long term search engine optimization needs. We help you remove the penalty imposed with our local SEO services.

Basically, the penalty is triggered when the actions being performed on your website violate Google’s webmaster Guidelines for index able content.

We follow steps to make sure that the penalties imposed on your website are removed and you don’t have to bear their brunt for a longer time. We first fix the violating parts of your website and then bring it in tune with Google’s Webmaster. You can count on our affordable local SEO services.

On-page optimization:

The fixing has to be done at the site of the problem. This is what we exactly do with our On-page optimization. We fix your webpage, making it search engine friendly all over again. We do so by making your website more user-friendly. Creating a user-friendly website involves the hefty tasks of making it secure, mobile-friendly, higher page loading speed amongst others. When you choose us to remove your Google penalty, you choose an  SEO Companywith quality services that are customized according to your needs. 

On-page optimization also includes the optimization of your content; we do so by optimizing images, Page speed Analysis, optimizing content, etc. We provide you with updates of your Schema Markup so that your website gets a better display of results. The proper URL structure is also monumental in getting a better position in search engine results.

Off-page optimization:

If Google feels that there is something wrong with your website; you need to find a solution that proves there is not. This is called off-page optimization. You make your website look good by outsourcing compliments for it. But the best and sustainable way to do it is to do it ethically so that you get back Google’s grace rather than losing it further. By finding the right quality and reliable links that point towards your website, you can win Google’s confidence back in you. The Off-page optimization services that are provided to you by our best local SEO are:

On-page optimization also includes the optimization of your content; we do so by optimizing images, Page speed Analysis, optimizing content, etc. We provide you with updates of your Schema Markup so that your website gets a better display of results. The proper URL structure is also monumental in getting a better position in search engine results.

  • By increasing social media engagements for your website- We know how swiftly can social media make anything trending. With good quality content and the technical support from our best local SEO company, outsourcing compliments by getting viral on social media platforms is not at all far-fetched.
  • Backlinks are pivotal in off-page optimizations- Link building is a process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. If you get backlinks from the sites that are trusted by Google and come in Google’s good books, you are more than fortunate. Because if your content is shared by a good website, it is a sign that your content is of higher quality and you don’t deserve to be penalized.
  • Increased Visibility- Our company helps you out with local SEO services to make your page reach back to a targeted set of audiences. The increased visibility in your local area is excellent for your reputation.
  • Social bookmarking- It is another way to do off-page optimization, but it first requires content optimization, with the excellent quality content you can achieve social bookmarking. It is a way by which people can store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages.
Tags or keywords are used to organize these bookmarks by the users. They are mostly public; thus, even other users can view them by using the tag or keyword associated.

Keyword and competitor research:

Maybe it was the unrequired keyword stuffing you did in your content that made even the excellent content look like a meaningless one. What we do with our program is to help you find that right keyword that you can use for your content marketing.

We provide you with the best keywords so that next time you won’t have to stuff your articles with a large number of unnecessary keywords.

Instead, a few effective ones will do. It’s good to keep an eye on your competition as well. Because the fall in your score might be due to the increase in theirs. We help you keep an eye on the kind of optimizations your competitor is performing so that you can outperform them.

Some actions you can take on your own

Meanwhile, when we are fixing up the penalties imposed on you with all our efforts, you can do a little fixing on your own. Increase the quality of your content and be more active. Remember that at times, “less is more.” More content is good. But when you have more content, but it turns out to be meaningless, it is better to switch to a precise but quality content. Spun content has a great impact on your reputation. This can turn out to be a reason you attract more penalties. Obviously, no one wants their work to suffer. Therefore, be careful from the start. After all, prevention is always better than a cure. Apart from forming good content, you can use other search engines to check your website’s visibility. You can use social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, etc. Meanwhile, if your website has almost completely disappeared from the search engine results, use the conventional methods to earn fame like participating in offline events where you can physically interact with your viewers. The audience you target offline should be your potential viewers online. They can greatly help in bringing back your revenues and website visibility. This way, you can stay connected to your customers even when you do not have any proper access to your site.

Get All Your Google Penalties Removed

Google levies the penalties in response to certain malicious activities that it took notice of on your website. The best way to get rid of those penalties is to get rid of those discrepancies. Short cuts work only for a short span of time. To create a long-lasting website for earning long-term revenues, the first thing that you need to do is to stop opting for shortcuts. We are always here to guide you and help you walk on the right path so that you attract organic traffic visibility. The black hat SEO that provides you with quick fixes is nothing but spam. They show you the mirage of paradise filled with gigantic visibility and but in return gives you a whole lot of  Google penalties . We always want you to have a great experience with us.