Social Media Marketing

The way social media has had an impact on our lives is not hidden. Our lives underwent substantial changes. Apart from being the hub of entertainment, social media can be used to execute your marketing strategies as well. We have always been dependent on social media platforms for all the promotional as well as informative stuff. As all the social media platforms help us connect to the world, we can make use of this platform to showcase our talent and hence attract audiences.

How Can Social Media Help in Promoting Your Services?

The use of social networking sites is rapidly increasing. Everything happening around the globe comes up on social media immediately. Anything can go viral within a few hours. If you use social media for advertising your products and services, it will attract customers. This will, in turn, improve your site’s traffic.  

Increasing Organic Traffic

Social media marketing can be beneficial if done in the most correct manner. Social media holds so much power when it comes to increasing you website’s visibility. A good social media reputation can help you in increasing your organic traffic.

Increases Trustworthiness

Having a good social media following and getting appreciation from people will help you in gaining your audience’s trust-factor. As before taking services from any business people check the reputation of that business on social media.

What does Social Media do?

  • Social media helps you in building connections. You might get connected with thousands of viewers who may, in turn, be your ideal customers. You might come across someone who wants to join hands with you, and hence, you can start a partnership. As you come in direct contact with your viewers, you are able to understand their needs better and customize your services according to them. This will make the viewer’s feel that they matter to you. Considering their needs will also have them indulge even better with you.
  • Social media platforms provide high transparency. Everything is clearly out there in front of your sight. You can keep track of your page’s performance. This helps you know how many viewers were actually convinced by your content. You can advertise considerably and that too, for absolutely no or less charge. You are free to post according to your own convenience. You might feel that this requires a lot of time; it actually does. This is why we come up for your help and guide you to manage separate platforms recklessly. We use specific tools to handle everything smoothly. We also help you know about some handy tools that you can use when using social media.

    For example, you can schedule a post on social media sites. This means you do not necessarily need to be online all the time and keep posting. Instead, you can form all the posts at the same time and schedule them.

    This helps your posts and different intervals without even being active. We can also help you in analyzing how your page is working by closely looking at the metrics of your social media page and taking note of areas you might be lacking. When you manage to appeal to the viewers on social media, you successfully make way for your site’s organic traffic. If a viewer is much impressed by your social media handle, he is certain to visit your website. With the increase in the number of viewers being impressed, the website traffic increases as well. This improves your site’s reputation.
  • It is clear from the above points that social media does not directly link to SEO. But, everything related to Search Engine Optimization is, in a way linked to social media. People might actually start knowing your website just because of your social media handle. Hence, giving you more organic traffic.

How SEO Genics can help you?

Our company SEO genics helps you manage your social media with a five-step social media management process.
  • Discovering opportunities: We see through all the possibilities and create opportunities for you. We ensure that you make the best out of each opportunity.
  • Project brief : We form a plan to work upon. First, we brief out the project. This includes forming up the key points for the entire project. While doing so, we keep in mind the instructions you have given us and make a plan accordingly. This is done so that we don’t miss out on any point and come up with the best techniques to follow.
  • Audience Research : We use special tools specially designed to find out for you your target audience. This includes deep analyses of your services, followed by the expectations of the audience from such services. Using the outcomes of both the analysis, we help you to form strategies to turn your target audience into your ideal customers.
  • Competitive analysis : We analyze the social media handles of your competitors and compare them to yours. We then guide you to improve your social media handles by clearing your mistakes. We also help you to beat your competitors.
  • Social Audit : Hard work stands nowhere if we do not get results. There is no use of working hard for a cause but ending up following a wrong strategy. Social audit includes keeping track of the changes made. We check whether our services are yielding results or not. This helps us to keep track of everything and make amends in our strategies if required. Social audit is the most important step; if not performed, all the above steps may go in vain.

Things that may go Wrong

With so many pros of social media marketing, we need to keep track of a few cons as well. There are competitors everywhere.
  • When your business starts rising, competitors might use the wrong methods to throw you out of the race. So, it is important for you to keep track of everyone who sees you as a threat.Even if your competitor does not opt for wrong methods, you ought to keep track of his activities.
  • Always keep track of the back links. You must know about the actual source of back links. This is because not all back links are good for you. You should know where the back link originated from.
  • There are so many social media platforms. Not all are right for you. We simply mean an ideal platform to showcase and elaborate about your services. Working hard on the wrong platform will lead you nowhere. Therefore, it is important to find out your ideal platform. We help you to do this by finding out the platform which will offer you more exposure.
  • Sometimes, it is difficult to make out whom you should target. Not everyone is interested in your services; therefore, it is really important to target the people who are actually interested in your services and can turn out to be your ideal customers. After all, you would want your site to have more customers rather than unnecessary traffic of visitors. Therefore, targeting the wrong audience can cost you severely.

Get a remarkable social media presence with us!

Social media marketing:- Plays a major role in properly executing search engine optimization. Sticking to the facts, social media marketing does not directly work for search engine optimization. But, the visibility and popularity you get through social networking sites is an important factor for search engine optimization.

SEO Genics helps to clear the obstacles in your path by guiding you and taking necessary actions at each step. We understand that you have many things to manage at the same time.

Therefore, you cannot devote much time to social media marketing. But the fact that social media marketing is time-consuming cannot be ignored. This is why we help you manage your social media handles so that you can concentrate better on other things that influence your marketplace. All this might sound so typical. Well, it can prove to be really hard to the one who does not have the knowledge about these tactics in depth. It is not possible for an individual to know so much in vast. Therefore, you are advised to hire a professional Agency who can handle all these things for you. This way, you will have time to concentrate more on business rather than investing time on.