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What is Ecommerce SEO and How Our Ecommerce SEO Agency can help you!

Got an Online Store? But no organic traffic!

That’s where Ecommerce SEO comes into play! Marketing your website through SEO (search engine optimization) is just as essential as the look and functionality of your website. SEO may have a significant beneficial effect on organic visibility. But choosing a skilled Ecommerce SEO Agency that knows the nuances of search engine algorithms is crucial.

Having an online ecommerce store but no traffic on it, is the worst thing ever. When you have so many products to offer but no one comes and buys it, that’s when you realize how important it is to promote ecommerce websites in the best way possible.

Every marketer’s wish is to get as many customers as they can get and the same goes with online selling marketer, they want traffic on their website. And this is where Ecommerce SEO Agency can be of great help.

Ecommerce SEO is bringing your online store to your targeted audience. And making sure that they get access to your products and services. There are many SEO companies that will provide Ecommerce SEO services, but our company has the most unique strategies designed to meet all the Ecommerce SEO requirements of our clients, and therefore we strive to bring your business on top. So, thus it’s very important to have a proper Ecommerce SEO done for your Online Store! Need Ecommerce SEO services for your business?? Why not take a look at what our Ecommerce SEO strategy

Our Ecommerce SEO Services can help you grow your Online Store

Simplifying Homepage

We will help customers to have a clear idea about products & services by displaying all top products on the homepage itself.


We perform high-end keyword research including long-tail keywords as well as short-tail keywords. For this we use tools like Amazon Suggest and Google Suggest.


This will boost Ecommerce SEO by showing that other pages are also linked with the current page. Also, it will count as an upvote for you.


Product pages are the main thing for an online selling website. We invest our time and energy on optimizing the product pages with proper images and descriptions.

Our Ecommerce SEO Strategy:

Do you know that  SEO is of great help in achieving higher ROI for ecommerce stores, yet many online store owners don’t invest much time in it. Therefore, this is where our Ecommerce SEO Agency can give you the right direction. Have a look at our in-depth Ecommerce SEO services and strategies

  • Targeted Audience: Our Ecommerce SEO Agency uses the best strategies to help you get more targeted audience.
  • Identifying Opportunities: The first step is to understand all about your online store & the goals that you want to achieve.
  • Achieving Goals: We work on Ecommerce SEO services with full planning. Our team makes sure all the targets are achieved on time.
  • Ecommerce Keyword research: In this, we identify all the keywords for your website with the help of advanced tools, This will help in discovering the true potential of your website.
  • Ecommerce SEO Audit: With the help of current website audit and present website ranking for chosen keywords will offer you all the areas can be improved on your website. An Ecommerce SEO audit is an essential component of the SEO Process.
  • Competitive Analysis: Identifying who your competition is through the assessment of rivalry. We will use different SEO software and competition analysis tools so that we can do complete competition analysis.

Our Ecommerce SEO Checklist

Ecommerce Keyword Research:

Keyword Research has to be the first step in any Ecommerce SEO Campaign. Why?? Because it creates a foundation on which all the other steps rely. This helps in performing all the other tasks on the website. Keywords play a very important role in all the SEO related activities. Without them, we won’t be able to do proper optimization of product pages and other category pages. But how to find the right keywords for the right pages?

This is where our  SEO Agency can help you out. We can help you find those terms that actually matters. All the right keywords that your targeted customers are searching for. Before researching for the right keywords, we need understand the customer intent. It simply means where the customer is in the buying process.

For example: If someone is searching for best nike shoes, that means he/she is still in the researching phase and might want to see the best nike shoes and then decide on what to buy. But if a person is searching for Nike Airmax tailwind 99, then it means that he/she might want to land on the right page from where they can buy.

Some tools that we work on to perform the right Ecommerce keyword research:
  • Amazon Suggest
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs

Ecommerce Website Structure:

In an Ecommerce SEO campaign, the right website structure can do wonders in getting your online store to greater heights. As compared to any other local website or blog, ecommerce sites have more pages. Crafting a better website structure for ecommerce store means we are providing our customers an easy way to browse through our store. Ecommerce SEO checklist is incomplete if we don’t focus on crafting a better website structure.

A better website structure can help users to easily navigate through the site leading to better user experience. And if a customer needs get fulfilled by visiting your site, meaning he/she might want to come back. Therefore, it leads to higher sales and more targeted customers.

We as an Ecommerce SEO Company, can help you through it all. Our team strives to give your online store a better structure. Also, we focus on creating a structure that is scalable, making it easy for you to add a new layer. This is how, a website structure is super important while constructing a well-defined Ecommerce SEO checklist.

On-page Ecommerce SEO:

After crafting an easy to use website structure, the next step in our Ecommerce SEO checklist is to perform advanced on page SEO. Here is where we will put the researched keywords in the right places. This will help Google in understanding what the page is all about. To perfectly optimize the page, the steps we take are:
  • Title tags: Writing title of the page in a way that it is click worthy. Example using words like SALE, X% off, Lowest price, guaranteed, great deals and etc. to make it more enticing.
  • Description tags: Description tags are an important factor while performing Ecommerce SEO. The words that we use in title tags can also be adjusted in the descriptions. As, longer content tends to rank higher, so description should have 1000+ words in it.
  • Product and Category Page Content: The main points that we take in mind while optimizing is: writing 1000+ words content. In-depth description about the product will help consumers in understanding better about it. After this, we intelligently place those keywords in the content. We try to put the keywords in all the prominent sections of the page. Internal linking and well-structured URLs are equally important while doing Ecommerce SEO.
  • Eye-catching Rich snippets: Rich snippets are the first thing that attracts users while searching for any ecommerce store. We make sure that your ecommerce store is optimized for the same. We implement proper schema markup on your ecommerce product pages and other category pages.

Local Ecommerce SEO:

Local SEO is great for those who have an offline local store. Performing Local Ecommerce SEO services will help them in getting more local visitors and higher visibility. The things Our Ecommerce SEO Agency works on are:
  • Google My Business page: This is mandatory for any local business as it gets them more visibility. This page contains all the required details like Name, address, phone number, timings, and all the other basic information.
  • Creating quality backlinks: Building quality local citations and listings are a great way to get higher domain authority and rankings.

Get Your Online Store on Top

Our Ecommerce SEO Agency give our clients the best solutions, our skilled engineers can help you to keep a track of your competitors and how our Ecommerce SEO Agency services can help you outperform them. By performing proper on-site and off-site optimization, we can help you in getting your online business right where your targeted audience is searching for it. Our services can surely give you fruitful results with increased sales and profits for your business. Still Thinking about how to get more high-quality traffic to your ecommerce store? Don’t stress! SEO Genics is there to sort all your queries. Contact us to get high-end Ecommerce SEO services.
You cannot do Search Engine Optimization on your own until you are skilled in that field. Therefore, this is where an Advanced SEO Company can work for you. Our SEO Services Company works in order to assure that you accomplish all your SEO goals. We work flexibly according to your needs and goals attaining all your desired results. We aim to provide you with Advanced and Best SEO Services. We give our best to make sure you get your ideal customers in no time. Our motive is to improve the quantity and quality of your site’s traffic and form its reputation in search engines. Therefore, Our Search Engine Optimization Services not only intend to bring traffic to your site but also ensures most of them to be your ideal customers.