Advanced SEO Services

Search engines are flooded with new content every day. Therefore, it makes it very difficult for your website to bag one of the top positions in web results. You need to employ smart and efficient techniques to drive the audience to your site from search engine results. There is a 95% chance that a poorly structured website will drown in the sea of webpages on the internet. 

SEO Genics provides advanced SEO services to its clients.

Thousands of people are searching for the services you provide. Also, many other websites offer the same services as well. Therefore, a lot of effort and planning is required to ensure that you stay on top of web results. SEO Genics, does all the tough work for you. Every day at least 3.5 Billion searches are conducted on Google. People use search engines to search for products and services that meet their requirement. You cannot merely ignore search engines in today’s world else you may lose opportunities that lie out there for you on the World Wide Web.

How will SEO Genics Advanced SEO Service Help You?

SEO Genics provides Advanced SEO services making your rankings reach to the top-level on search engines.


The first goal of SEO Genics is to understand what your business goals are. We then optimize our strategies according to your needs so that we can provide you with best-advanced SEO services. Our advanced SEO techniques will help you outperform your SEO competitors.


We understand that no two websites are the same. Every niche and every business sector has different needs and requirements. Our team at SEO Genics, have a very flexible work approach. We use high-end advanced SEO tools and strategies to suit your needs


We believe in providing the ideal services to our clients. Our job does not end with optimizing your web page. We analyze our services and do intense reporting and research for your website. We closely analyze the results and improve upon the services we provide.

What is Advanced SEO?

In simple words, it is referred to the changes that you make on your website to make it better optimized for search engines. The most common ways of optimization include adding keywords, meta description, HTML code, title tags, and ALT tags. These are the basics of on-page optimization. The on-page optimization is however not limited to this only, there are many others factors which are taken into consideration.

High-Quality Content

Content is not only the backbone of your website, but it is also the most valuable asset that you can ever create. It is because of the content that a user is convinced to stay on your webpage. A user who feels he is gaining from your website will always come back to it. He will also interact more with the website. This will help you increase your domain authority on the search engine.


High-quality content combined with high ranking keywords can help you improve your ranking on search engines. The keywords you use should have a context on the webpage. Search engines use algorithms which recognize keywords and secondary keywords that are present on your webpage to make sure that your webpage has genuine content.

Keywords play an essential role in the mapping of your webpage. Search engines use an advanced algorithm to map your webpage. This removes unnecessary pages from the search results or places them on lower ranks.

These pages are mostly filled with unnecessary keywords. Such webpages are not in context with the keywords. Search engines now use advanced automated intelligence to find the meaning of keywords with secondary keywords in a webpage. So, even if you have used plenty of keywords, but they are not meaningful and do not complement your content, you won’t attain a higher rank.

Meta Description

It is a short description of your page that appears on the results page of search engines. This gives an overview of the user about the content on your website. A proper meta description attracts the user to choose your website among various sites. Make sure to add relevant keywords to your webpage. Any advanced SEO guide would suggest you form a good meta description for your website.

You should also preferably keep your meta description below 300 words. If You exceed this limit, it will affect your SEO. Using an accurate meta description ensures that your entire description is shown on the results page. This makes sure your meta description is useful for the end-users as well as for website crawlers.

Alt Text

The text that you attribute to the pictures on your website is called alt text. This helps you gain a higher rank in image search results. Which, in turn, generates more traffic for your website. If you tend to use a graphic on your website which for instance involves data for the number of coffee lovers you can add alt text like “coffee lover” and the search results for that phrase would start showing your website on the results page.

Title Tag

The title tag is the main heading of your webpage. The title tag can also be referred to as the main text shown in the search results. So you should set the title of your website very carefully. It is preferable if the title contains the main keywords as well. The title is the first thing a visitor notices on your webpage. As it is said that the first impression is the last impression. The title should hence be a catchy one to appeal to the viewers. When we say you should add keywords to the title, we mean the main keywords only. Make sure not to flood it with unnecessary keywords which could bring down your site’s reputation as the activities of your site might appear to be irrational to the search engines.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) URL

Everyone prefers a safe and secure website. Hence, it is the most crucial aspect of any website. Secure socket layering makes sure that the connection between your server and your visitor’s server is completely secure. It ensures that no third party can acquire information about your user from your website. It builds trust among your users. Secure sites are preferred by the search engines as well. This is because they want their viewers to experience to be the best. Search engines give higher ranking to websites using secure sockets layer.

URL Structure

Efficient and advanced SEO friendly URLs make indexing of your page by search engines easier. It also makes it facilitative for the user to link back to the pillar page. Let’s take an example; your website has three niches automobile, restaurant, and retail. When you make content on any niche, you structure URL via the pillar page of your website which makes the interested user go and check the pillar page to find more content about the niche he is interested in.

Create Links To Other Articles On Your Website

It helps in keeping the user engaged on your website. It also helps to take the user from one page on your website to another page which generates more hits for your website. It also enables you to increase your ranking in the search engine as the user won’t go back from your website quickly.

This will show the search engines that the content on your website is relevant. Therefore, the next time, it will increase the ranking of your webpage on the search result page.

Another added benefit of interlinking your webpages is that it helps website crawlers to map your website easily. Thus indexing of your website becomes much more comfortable, and all the nooks and crannies of your website are indexed.

Performance Of Your Page

Another essential factor to keep in mind is the performance of your page. Apart from the overall performance, the loading speed of your website matters a lot. If it takes time for your page to load a user may feel frustrated and leave your page. This will decrease your rank on the search engine as your drop rate will increase. It is also vital that you make your page optimized for mobile phones. Websites that are not optimized for mobile lose on a major chunk of traffic that comes through android users.
Data suggests that almost 50% of the searches now originate from mobile devices. If your site is not optimized for mobile phones, you are losing on potential traffic for your websites. Therefore work towards making your website mobile-friendly.

What is Advanced Off-Page SEO?

Off-page means apart from your page. Off-page SEO includes optimizing all such things that your page does not include but determines the ranking of your website. This includes backlinks, promotions, etc. .


When a website adds a link to your website on their website, it is known as a backlink. Backlinks provide a reliable and secure solution to driving more traffic to your website. You should be interested in quality link building as a website owner. It brings referral links to your website. Good quality referral links help increase your website’s authority. Algorithm of search engines is evolving and getting better every single day. Link building remains the most important factor in SEO. Major search engines say that your website will get more visibility for your keywords if you have more external links to your webpage.
Several factors help website in getting a better rank. The linked pages build higher trust and authority with search engines. This ensures search engines to recognize you well.

Domain Authority

This is a rank given to your website by web search engines. It is determined by how long do you have your domain name, history of a domain name, backlinks, number of 404 errors.
A well structured and technically sound website which uses advanced SEO tactics will always have higher domain authority. Such a website will rank higher on search engine results page.

Content Promotion

Content promotion is where we don’t sell your products directly to the end-user. Content promotion uses surrogate marketing techniques like blogs etc. to generate interest in customers about your products and services. By employing all these advanced search techniques in SEO, you can create a phenomenal website for your business.

Why Choose us?

Advanced SEO services provided by SEO genics intend to lessen your stress and load. We do much hard work for you to optimize your site and make it a leader in its niche. SEO genics is the best Advance SEO Company in the industry.

Search engines are an important part of every customer’s usage. We help you to get the most out of them and increase traffic on your website organically. The significance of search engines cannot be unreasonably underestimated, especially when 85% of internet users use search engines for product search and to buy products and services. With such an excellent opportunity to grow your business right in front of you, it has become imperative for businesses to use advanced SEO tools to get the best out of search engines. We do exactly the same for you by providing you with the best services. All we want is customer satisfaction.