Search Engine Optimization Services

What is SEO and Why it is important?

Every search engine has an algorithm. Whenever we search using any search engine, we get many results. The results count up to thousands. Ever wondered why some of them appear on the top while other results do not even make-up to the first page? This is because of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  . SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, video search, academic search, news search, and industry-specific vertical engines.

Almost 95% of the viewers stick to the first-page results when they are searching for something online. Most of them do not even bother to go below the top three results. If they do not get satisfactory results on the first page, they prefer changing the words in the search instead of switching to the next page. Therefore, if you are one of those people who are dependent on their website for their business, it is necessary for you to have  
Search Engine Optimization

Website + SEO Services = More Visibility

Strategies Follow For Better Website Rankings


On-page SEO optimization is the act of optimizing the parts of the website to improve its position on search engines. This includes optimizing content as well as making changes in the HTML source code. The areas that are optimized in on-page SEO are Meta Tags, Image alt tags, content optimization, internal linking, Headings and etc.


Off-page SEO optimization is all the measures that are taken outside of the website. It includes improving your website visibility on the web via Link Building and Local SEO. Link Building is increasing the authority of your domain through the act of getting links and Local SEO is making your business appear on top when users perform local searches.


Keywords add life to your webpages. You should always be using keywords that are best for your business. Researching for the best keywords is a task that requires proper analyzing and the same goes for competitor research, as it keeps you one step ahead in the game.

How does SEO Genics can help you ease the process


Our SEO Company can provide you with the following on-page services:
  • A secure site: Nobody wants to land up on a page that is unsecure and hampers user’s security. You might have come across links starting with HTTP and HTTPS. With Google HTTPS Everywhere campaign, it has now become imperative to have a website that’s fully secure. Our SEO Services Company ensures a secure network for you, keeping your data safe.
  • Mobile-Friendly site: The SEO Services that we provide include making your site a mobile-friendly site. With time people are completely shifting from desktops to smartphones. Smartphones are with us almost every hour of the day. Most of the users will, therefore, visit the site through smartphones. It has been found that maximum online engagements are done through smartphones rather than desktops these days. Therefore, it is necessary that the site is mobile-friendly. Our SEO Services Company works to make your site appear is mobile-friendly.
  • Content-Optimization: We try to provide the Best SEO Services by working on your web page content too. The web page content should be free from grammatical errors and should not be too lengthy. Our SEO Company ensures that your web page has quality content with no errors. The content formed hence totally intends to appeal to the viewers.
  • Meta Tags and Title Tags Optimization: This is one of the basic steps in on-page optimization. Because these are elements which act as the factors that help you get more Click through rates. These elements are the first thing your user sees in the search engines. So, our Digital Marketing Agency makes sure that these elements are updated according to the right norms.
  • Schema Markup: This markup is used by various search engines in order to get a better display of results. In order to ensure that your website is recognized by search engines, it is necessary for your web page to have the correct schema markup (web code). Our SEO Services Company makes sure your website schema is updated.
  • Image optimization: Adding the images that complement the content you have added to your website is tricky. Our SEO Services Agency makes it easy by doing it for you. Images make the website look lively and hence interests customers to view it. Images give a better idea to the viewer about your services. Customers rely on images to make out what services you actually provide. Therefore, images should be added carefully. It is not only important to select the right images, but also it is necessary to give them the right place on the web page.
  • Page Speed Analysis: The time your web page takes to load should be minimal. Any viewer who finds it difficult to load a web page most probably opts to close it and try some other website providing the same services. Therefore, the web page loading should be really swift.


  • Social engagements: Social media is a great platform to advertise your marketing schemes. This is the best way to improve your site’s ranking. This method is pocket-friendly as well. We have a separate  Social Media Marketing Services team that takes care of all the social interactions of your business. Our team guides the clients in building better social networks. Social media allows you to directly interact with your clients and take up their queries. It helps in improving your site’s reputation and builds better customer engagements.
  • Backlinks:  Building backlinks  is the heart of off-page SEO. Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. A site that has high-value backlinks ranks better. If a trustworthy site shares your content and mentions your business, Google consider them as an up vote. Clearly, a backlink from a reputed site is a good one while a site that is not yet recognized is a bad backlink.
  • We as the leading SEO Services Company will not only help you in creating high-quality backlinks but we also aim for QUALITY, not for QUANTITY. Backlinks improve your site’s reputation. We can also help you in creating a proper link-building strategy to analyze which sites can add you and which are bad for your reputation.
  • Local SEO refers to the process of optimizing your online presence to attract more customers searching for your business from local search engines. Our SEO Services Company can also help you out with local SEO services.


  • As without salt, food becomes tasteless. Similarly, without keywords, SEO is nothing! Keywords are what bring the user to your site. SEO basically works on keywords. The frequently used keywords are added to the website content as the keywords. So, whenever someone searches for the same keywords, your website shows in the top results. Adding keywords in content and titles improves search engine recognition. Our SEO Services Company keeps in mind that the keywords chosen must be appropriate. We make sure that the keywords are closely related to your services. We try to put keywords at main parts like title, headings, beginning of the paragraph. We also make sure the keyword density ratio is maintained.
  • Keeping a close check on your competitors is very important while doing SEO. The SEO Services that we offer also include analyzing the top competitor’s websites and keeping a track of any optimizations that they perform. It’s always better to know what your competitors are doing; this is how you can outperform them.

Why hire us when you can do it through advertisements?

We understand that by investing in advertisements, you can easily reach out to your targeted customers. But your site is recognized as long as advertisements etc. are trending.


This method does not work for long and can only be used for short term periods. This is not a trustworthy method and is completely based on hit and trial. Also, this works for once. But if we think about the long term results, it is not that beneficial. This brings up direct traffic on the site. Direct traffic includes viewers who may not certainly be interested in your services and hence just leads to unwanted traffic. White-hat SEO services, on the other hand, assure results and are very secure. This works for the long term and is completely formed of reckless dedication and hard work. This brings up organic traffic on the site. You are assured that the viewers on the site are those who have searched for the services you render through the search engines. Hence, you get more ideal customers instead of unnecessary traffic on the site.

How can SEO benefit SEO benefit your business?

  • Real-time results – Once your website is recognized by the various search engines, you start getting greater and better responses in no time.

  • Cost-effective – SEO services do not require much money. This is affordable and ‘must-have’ features if you are dependent on the internet for your business and marketing strategies.

  • Definite Results – With high-quality SEO services, you can get more viewers to your business. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization does not have any risk; it certainly gives you better and more traffic. Also, the results are assured.

  • Viewers Trust You – Ideally Search Engine Optimization works for all search engines but, people trust Google the most and therefore if your site is recommended by Google, they are certain to trust it as well. Customer’s trust is of great significance for every business. Search Engine Optimization hence gives your site recognition and helps you stand ahead of the competition.

  • One Time Investment – As already mentioned, Search Engine Optimization is cost-effective. The only time when you require money is when you hire an SEO Services Company as no paid advertisements are required further as SEO already works as a 24/7 promotion.

Why do you need us?

We as an SEO Services Agency renders services in order to ensure that your business shines on the digital platform.
  • We help you to know your audience better so that you do well with your business and accomplish your goals.

  • We analyze your current website and initiate changes to get better outcomes.

  • Our Digital Marketing Agency helps in improving online visibility and the rankings of your website on search engines.

  • We help you form a strategy which can accomplish all your online goals. Be it short-term or long-term.

What can you expect from our SEO Services company

Devotion – We completely dedicate ourselves into work and make sure you get the desired results.
Hassle-free communication – We are always up to take your queries and give a solution for it.
Educating you about SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a permanent recognition earned on search engines. We, therefore, guide you about SEO and its long term effects.

Result- Oriented SEO Services

Building up your business empire is really tough these days. It becomes complex day by day as more and more competitors keep adding into the frame. This makes it really necessary for your website to show up in the top results whenever searched for the services you provide. This is done by Search Engine Optimization which ensures that your site is recognized by various search engines and is also well-reputed. This is important because of the fact that all viewers prefer to look for reputed sites only. Search Engine Optimization is not only cost-effective but also is sure to show remarkable results.

You cannot do Search Engine Optimization on your own until you are skilled in that field. Therefore, this is where an Advanced SEO Company can work for you. Our SEO Services Company works in order to assure that you accomplish all your SEO goals. We work flexibly according to your needs and goals attaining all your desired results. We aim to provide you with Advanced and Best SEO Services. We give our best to make sure you get your ideal customers in no time. Our motive is to improve the quantity and quality of your site’s traffic and form its reputation in search engines. Therefore, Our Search Engine Optimization Services not only intend to bring traffic to your site but also ensures most of them to be your ideal customers.