Local SEO Services

Is your brand visible when your audience searches for you locally?

46% of Google searches are for local businesses. Still, if your business is not focusing on Local SEO you can guess yourself that you are missing out on most of your qualified traffic.

Do you own a business and looking to connect with local area customers? Then opt for the Local SEO services provided by SEO Genics. SEO Genics is an AI-focused SEO Agency that specializes in Local SEO services, advanced SEO & enterprise’s Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services . Missing out on qualified leads because of low online visibility? Then doing Local SEO will definitely help you out. Also, our Local SEO Experts can bring a direct impact on the traffic and sales within a few months or lesser.

With our local SEO services be visible for geographically-related searches

Google My Business Optimization

This is the first and foremost optimization before starting Local SEO for any business. As it contains key information about your business and makes it easier for your local customers to visit your business. Google My Business is great for any business seeking local exposure and the best part is that it is absolutely FREE!!
Consider Google My Business as the Phonebooks we had in earlier times. Why search for phonebooks when we can easily get all the information on Google. Being listed in the most powerful search engine, Google My Business gives a nice public identity to all the businesses. The information you provide on the listing makes it easy for any local customers to reach out to you. Before starting any optimizations, our local SEO experts check if your business is already listed or not. If it’s already listed that means you just need to claim it. In case, your business doesn’t have a GMB listing then our Local SEO experts will make sure that it is perfectly crafted and follows all the norms.

On page Local SEO

Our on-page Local SEO services include researching for the local keywords that your audience might be searching for. Using location keywords and placing those keywords in all the prominent places on the webpage. Updating the meta tags with the location-centric keywords is also a part of our on-page Local SEO strategy. For instance, a painter providing his services in Minneapolis wants to rank at the top in local search results. He should be targeting local keywords like – “best painter in Minneapolis” or “affordable painter in Minneapolis” and optimizing the meta title and description based on the local keywords. Targeting location-based keywords help businesses to appear at the top of the search result.

After this comes, NAP which stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number, our Local SEO experts make sure that the business NAP is consistent everywhere on the web, whether it’s your website or your Google My Business page.

Adding Your Business To Local Citations & Directories

Local Citations in SEO are the key factors in improving your local search result. Secondly, any local business can build a citation by a combination of company name, phone number, address, zip code, and website address. Citation is simply a mention of your business anywhere on the web with all the required information like Name, address and phone number. Optimizing directories and building proper citations are considered as a great way to gain local customers and local search engine rankings. The local citations work the same way as traditional marketing. It makes your business visible across the web. Also, updating your business information in the relevant directories will also help businesses in  gaining quality backlinks.We are here to provide you the best Local SEO services. We have been helping local businesses and Agencies in improving the positions in the local search engines with our well-defined Local SEO strategies.

Rating and Review Management

Monitoring and responding to online reviews is extremely important for a local business. The review can be on your website or on any other website like Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Reviews can be positive or negative, important is to reply to them as it shows that the business is taking their needs seriously. Before contacting or visiting your business, people check business reviews. So, our Local SEO experts also make sure that all the reviews are properly answered. Reviews are of great help in increasing online visibility. Keeping this in mind, we try to keep our clients updated with everything that their audience is saying about their service.

User Experience Analysis

If you are willing to rank on the top then user experience is something that attracts more traffic on your website. If your website fails in providing a positive user experience, visitors will not take a sec to bounce back from the website, which will directly impact the bounce rate. And the high bounce rate creates difficulty in ranking your website as it leads to poor user experience. Our Local SEO services help clients in an approach that provides good user experience so that the user will stay on the website for long.

Also, improving the loading speed of your website is part of user experience and Local SEO. The more time a page takes to load, the easy it will be for the user to switch to some other website.

Social Media

Social Media accounts act as a bonus point for all the businesses looking for local online visibility. And it is equally important to update all the information like address, phone number on all handles. ur team can assist you in managing all the handles and maintaining a social media strategy with all the latest trends. This way, social media plays a vital role when optimizing for Local SEO.

Mobile Responsive Design

Today, for local businesses, nearly 65% of searches are done through mobile devices. Thus, it is important for local businesses to have a mobile responsive design. Above all, responsive sites not only look good but give great user experience as well. Hence, making a mobile responsive website is the final investment that can give great results. Our Local SEO services will help in achieving what’s best for your business.