Google December 2020 Core Update

Google came up with its latest core update in early December this year, after a gap of more than six months.

This December 2020 core update is the third core update for this year. As is the case with the earlier core updates, even this has managed to pike the interest of many. The long gap between the two core updates could be one of the reasons for the immense buzz surrounding the Google December 2020 update. The COVID-19 situation across the world does seem to be one of the reasons for the delay.

Questions around the new update

The time taken to bring out this update has created widespread expectations and apprehensions of the changes that would be made with this December 2020 core update.

Few of the questions are around the extent of the impact that this Google update could have on the way things are currently run.

The difference of this update compared to that of the May 2020 core update is also among the top discussion points.

The SEO community is especially apprehensive of the changes that this December 2020 core update could bring in, especially concerning the search engine algorithm. The Google algorithm update is likely to impact SEO activity and might require a change in strategy.

With the rollout launched by Google, here is a look at what the update could entail.

Core update can have an impact on the page rankings-

Google releases hundreds of updates in a year. However, there are few updates that Google announces, because of their broader impact. The first core update in 2020, was the January 2020 core update, followed by the one in May.

Anyone whose page was affected by the earlier two core updates has enough reasons to be apprehensive of December 2020 core update.

  • The current update can have an impact on the search visibility of the larger number of websites.
  • The algorithm updates are likely to impact the ranking factors.
  • There could be fluctuations in the rankings of various web pages.

However, it ought to be remembered that Google emphasizes the content relevancy while assigning the rankings. The relevance of the content is based on :

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

This is also referred to as Google Medic Update or EAT and plays a vital role to ensure that your page ranks higher and is not impacted by the new core updates.

Ranking higher even after the rollout

The December 2020 core update could have one of the two impacts on your website or pages. The new algorithm could help in boosting your ranking as your existing content might be more relevant as per the algorithm. Or, it could be a scenario where the algorithm considers the content on your page to be less relevant and results in a lower ranking.

While the SEO experts & digital marketing agencies make an effort to understand the changes in the algorithm due to December 2020 core update, it is essential to understand that quality and relevance of the content continues to be the critical factor.