SEO: Plays a significant role in increasing the traffic

SEO has a significant role in increasing the traffic to your site and to enhance your brand reputation. By using the right advanced SEO techniques, you can ensure that your site ranks on top of the searches.
It is estimated that nearly 40 % of the website traffic is initiated with a search query. Hence it is imperative that optimum advanced SEO strategies are applied to ensure your website is in tune with the latest search engine algorithms. Understanding these algorithms and making changes ensures that you stay on top of page rankings, which translates to increased traffic, thereby an increase in scope of conversions and revenue.

Here is a look at the five tricks that you can apply to achieve the best results by using advanced SEO tools.

1. Using Topic Clusters

Topics clusters are one of the advanced SEO tools that you need to ensure that your website is structured around.
They are a group of content that are cantered around a central topic and has multiple internal linking scope which increases the chances of retaining your readers on the site.
They reflect the topic relevance and expertise of your site and hence are an effective advanced SEO technique .
A larger cluster of related pieces of a content that uses interlinking creates the impression of expertise compared to having as single piece of content on a specific topic.
SEO rankings have evolved from Keyword centric to topics. Hence your focus ought to be on ranking based on topics. Creating topic clusters facilitates it.

2. Conducting an Audit

One of the advanced SEO strategies that ensures that your website performs well, is to ensure that the content is relevant and serves a purpose. Having content that does not contribute towards enhancing the webpage is a deadweight and needs to get rid of.
Running content audit using advanced SEO tools will help in identifying such pages that are slowing down your website.
Hence auditing ought to be a compulsory step as part of your SEO activity. Build a spreadsheet that helps to identify the URLs that aren’t performing.
You can then make a choice to either – keep, improve or merge the URLs. Performing this activity once or twice a year is recommended.

3. Focus on creating optimised Landing pages

A landing page has a direct contribution to lead generation. Creating more landing pages increases the opportunities for the incoming search traffic. Apart from the home page, a landing page directly helps in developing a stronger relationship with the B2B partners.
The elements which contribute to a good landing page include:
– Useful content
– No navigation
– A call for action.

Focusing on landing pages to enhance and create them ought to be an integral part of advanced SEO services.
Websites that have more than ten landing pages have an enhanced opportunity of increasing conversions.

4. Upgrading the content

This is one of the ubiquitous advanced SEO techniques that needs to be used but is often overlooked.
While it is important to continue creating new content, there are enough opportunities to explore upgrading the existing content. New content takes time to gain a good rank. This wait can be overcome with enhancing the content that already exists.
While the advantage is obvious , it is a challenge to know where to start the upgrade.
You can base this decision based on two aspects – (i) the trending topics and facts and (ii) performance data.

5. Analysing Log files

This is one of the advanced SEO tools that is often overlooked. However, ensuring that this analysis is done as part of your SEO can help in reaping benefits. By analysing log files you can understand where your crawl budget is being spent on and you would get an estimate of how much is being spent. You can identify crawl errors and find pages that are not crawled frequently.
This information helps you in implanting fixes and improvements, so that Google and other search engines can crawl your website more efficiently.